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                         Week  :  July 28 - August 04
                               Friday, July 28, 2017
                                    The Leo Sign
(Artwork By Kagaya)   

                Good Days :                                    
    28, 29     For    :    Aquarians, Geminians, Sagittarians  & 
    30, 31     For    :    Pisceans, Cancerians, Capricornians,
                              Librans  &  Taureans
    02, 03     For    :    Arians, Leos  &  Scorpios


Friday, July 28, 2017
                                  (Day Of Venus)
                                  (Moon In Libra)
                                    Moon Phase :
Waxing Crescent  (Wed  2017.07.26  8:59  p.m.)
                                 A t h e n s,  G r e e c e  :
Day Begins At  6:29 a.m. - Night Begins At  8:39 p.m.
Current Retrograde Planets  :
Saturn  Rx  (Sagittarius)
Neptune  Rx  (Pisces)
Pluto  Rx  (Capricorn)

The positions of the planets in the signs are calculated
in Pacific Time (3:00 p.m. of the current date).

(Some Necessary Info For The Solar And Lunar Eclipses : )

As seen from the Earth, a Solar Eclipse is a type of eclipse that occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and The Earth and the Moon fully or partially blocks ("occults") the Sun. This can happen only at New Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth in an alignment referred to as syzygy, with the Moon in the middle.
A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly behind the Earth into its umbra (shadow). This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned (in "syzygy") exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, a Lunar Eclipse can only occur the night of a Full Moon.

The August 2017 Eclipses :
Now as regards the August 2017 Eclipses, if we give a 30-day-period influence for each Eclipse, for the Lunar Eclipse that comes first on August 7 at 15°25' of Aquarius (G.M.T.  18:12), the day one is the 23rd of July (on the completion of the New Moon phase) and the last day of its influence is the 21st of August, where is the peak of the second. On the other hand, as we easily realize, the second one, which is a Solar Eclipse and occurs on August 21 at 28°53' of Leo (G.M.T.  18:31), starts its influence on August 7, on the peak of the first and its influence ends on September 6 (on the completion of the Full Moon phase).

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7 at 15°25' of Aquarius (G.M.T.  18:12), affects psychologically and mentally the Fixed Quadruplicity Signs and especially those individuals with natal heavy planets (and Mars) around 15°25' Aquarius, 15°25' Taurus, 15°25' Leo and 15°25' Scorpio signs . This Lunar Eclipse occurs on the Aquarius/Leo (11th/5th houses) axis, the axis that denotes [Being a leader is not enough to feel happy . Happiness comes through humanism and through love for helping the others. On this axis we are taught to bury our egocentricity, abandon our throne of vanity and fight for equal rights and independence on Earth]  &  on the other hand  [How smart or genious, confident, productive, capable and creative you are in order to give or share your uniqueness to community. This would be easier if you deviate to boast about your social origin and make things better with a low profile attitude]  Here it notifies spiritual (Lunar = Soul Powers) requirement and indicates the necessity for emotional connectivity through metaphysical change . Remember, the Eclipse intensifies the need for helping each other. It depends on us if the result will be complexity or simplicity.

The Solar Eclipse of August 21 at 28°53' of Leo (G.M.T.  18:31), affects the Fixed Quadruplicity Signs and especially those individuals with natal heavy planets (and Mars) around 28°53' Leo, 28°53' Scorpio, 28°53' Aquarius and 28°53' Taurus signs . This Solar Eclipse occurs on the Leo/Aquarius axis (5th/11th houses), which is the most creative along with the natural and essential axes, for a balanced life. It signals a series of changes for the Leo/Aquarius axis, the axis of [How smart or genious, confident, productive, capable and creative you are in order to give or share your uniqueness to community. This would be easier if you deviate to boast about your social origin and make things better with a low profile attitude]  &  on the other hand  [Being a leader is not enough to feel happy . Happiness comes through humanism and through love for helping the others . On this axis we are taught to bury our egocentricity, abandon our throne of vanity and fight for equal rights and independence on Earth] . Of course a Solar Eclipse is more powerful and catalytic than a Lunar one.

SMichaelsAstrology gives the following advice : Hurry up to put your abeyances in order, because from July 23, 2017 (New Moon) until September 6, 2017 (Full Moon), we are under the influence of the Eclipses. Well, things are getting odd, or enough peculiar or quite bizarre during this period and ''The Going Gets Tough''...

Current Pair Of Eclipses
August 07, 2017
Aquarius          (18:12  G.M.T.)
Solar  :
August 21, 2017     28°53'   Leo
        (18:31  G.M.T.)

Total Influence  :  From July 23, 2017 (New Moon)
Until September 06, 2017 (Full Moon)

Next Retrograde Motion Of Mercury
From :
August 13, 2017  (0:56  G.M.T.)
Until :
September 05, 2017  (11:24  G.M.T.)

My dear friends and supporters of SMichaelsAstrology, no words can describe how grateful I feel for your tireless and essential participation and I promise to keep you informed every week . So, I want to send a Grand  "Thank You" and my Love from the bottom of my Heart .  Enjoy your stay !!

We run the astrological month of  Leo  (07/22 - 08/22) .
Happy birthday to all the Leos !!
Well, let's see the current week by its astrological point of view :
The placement of the Sun (the Ruler of Leo) in the sign of  Leo  [Fire]  from July 22, 2017 (G.M.T.  15:16) will be ended on August 22, 2017 (G.M.T.  22:21)   [where G.M.T. = Greenwich Mean Time] . The zodiacal cycle goes on with this active, determined and unchangeable sign . Indeed, Leo is the fiery zodiacal sequence of the watery Cancer, the next firm, primary, ruling and expressive course of the Sun and it is affiliated with the 5th house . The Leo's motto is "I Will" and it is a positive sign, ruled by the Sun . The Sun is the star at the center of our Solar System, around which the Earth and the other planets revolve; it provides the earth with heat and light. The Sun along with the Moon, are the most important of the astrological planets, and the two of them are often referred to as the Luminaries. In Greek mythology the Sun was represented by Apollo, the god of light, and Helios, the god of the Sun. The Sun is the planetary ruler of Leo and is exalted in Aries. The arc that the Sun (apparently) travels in every year, rising and setting in a slightly different place each day, is therefore in reality a reflection of the Earth's own orbit around the Sun. This arc is larger the farther north or south from the equator latitude, giving a more extreme difference between day and night and between seasons during the year. The Sun is the central and biggest heavenly body of our Solar System and around which the planets move and receive his magnetism and radiation . As a Vital Power Source, the Sun is the regulator and principal source of Life Forces . Leo is his home sign and the 5th House his home house, as Leo is the 5th Sign of the Zodiac . His aspects, transitions through the Signs, eclipses and progressed positions, are of great importance . The Sun is lifegiving, positive, masculine, barren, variable, constructive, diurnal, fiery, hot, dry, electric, inflammatory, tonic, expansive and in Astrology it is the only star which is classed as a Planet . The cycle of the Sun around the Zodiac is 365 days (12 months) and the Sun is never retrograde. Astrologically the Sun is usually thought to represent the conscious ego, the self and its expression, personal power, pride and authority; leadership qualities; and the principles of creativity, spontaneity, health and vitality; the life force. The Sun also involves creative enterprises that are a projection of the person, from art and business to having children and parenthood (especially fatherhood). It also rules the fun side of life from sport and recreation to holidays and social events. In short, any occasion that 'allows us to shine'. The Sun is associated with Sunday. Sun-sign astrology is the simplified system of astrology most commonly found in many newspaper and magazine columns. In typical horoscopic astrology, all of the planets are taken into account for interpretation. In Sun Sign astrology, however, only placements affecting the Sun are used. The position of the Sun is considered within one of the twelve zodiac signs depending on the month of birth. This sign is then called the Sun Sign or Star Sign of each person born that month. Sun sign astrologers take this basic twelve-fold division and relate all the current movements of all the planets to each other, using traditional rules to divine meanings for each sign separately. Paradoxically, because the Moon has the fastest apparent movement of all the heavenly bodies, it is often used as the main indicator of daily trends for sun sign astrology forecasts. Despite its vast popularity with the general public (e.g. in the UK over 60% of adults are said to read their "stars" first on opening a newspaper, a slightly higher proportion in the USA, there is much argument about the validity of Sun Sign astrology, particularly amongst astrologers of different persuasions . The more traditional the astrologer, the more likely they are to dislike sun sign astrology (Source : Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) . Regarding Medical AstroIogy, I am sure that most of the Leo individuals know about the possible mental or physical diseases that they are prone to, or they suffer from.  [[ Let's refer to some of them : acute fevers, anaemia, aneurysm, angina peetoris, apoplexy, arterio-sclerosis, all diseases-injuries and affections of back, blood disorders, burning fevers, cardialgia, carditis, disorders of circulation of blood, convulsions, curvature of spine, cutaneous affections, diziness, dropsy, effusion of blood, endocarditis, enlargement of the heart, epidemics, eruptions, sore and inflamed eyes, fainting, fatty degeneration, high-violent and burning fevers, hardening of the arteries, heart troubles, hydraemia (thin blood), inflammations, injuries to the back or spine, jaundice, locomotor ataxia, marrow of spine, measles, meningitis, mitral disorders, neuralgia of the heart, oppression about the heart, palpitation of the heart, passion of the heart, pericarditis, pestilence, plague, pleurisy, regurgitation, rheumatism in the back, pains in ribs, arterial selerosis, shingles, slow heart beat, smallpox, sunstroke, swoonings, syncope, tachycardia, trembling of the heart, disorders of valves of the heart, vertigo, yellow fever etc. >> Bibliography :  H.L. Cornell, M.D., LL.D.  ENCYCLOPEDIA of MEDICAL ASTROLOGY ]] . Well, this is the Leo Sun wayfarer that will get so much tired at the end of the 30-day-journey in this sign and pass the torch to Virgo . As a matter of fact, the forceful Sun expands, regenerates and upgrades your life . Here I have to repeat that, as the Sun is the most powerful celestial body and the fiery center of all the other planets, he functions differently when he aspects different planets, which means he responses with a characteristic behavior from month to month (= from sign to sign) and every two hours (=from house to house) . So, imagine how different is the Sun in Cancer (the previous sign) from the Sun in Leo (the current one) . See how a Gemini differs from a Sagittarius -they both belong to the Mutable Cross signs- (take an example from some of your friends or relatives) .  Mercury  (the Ruler Of Gemini and Virgo) from July 25, 2017 (G.M.T.  23:42) until August 31, 2017  (G.M.T.  15:29) runs through the sign of Virgo  [Earth], a placement not so ideal for Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius . This position of Mercury will also assist new starts, use of signatures, occasions for travels, successful contacts and satisfactory communication for Taurus and Capricorn . This placement of Mercury in Virgo occupies one of his best positions (the other one is in Gemini) . Mercury in Virgo produces tendencies to accuracy, an inclination to practicality, susceptibility to precision, a super organizing imagination, changeability and flexibility, stability and methodology, along with sarcasm, critical spirit and enough gloominess . Everyone knows how vulnerable he is in details, how he adores to be exact and above all how he detests imperfect situations or people, in general . The planet generates analytical, communicative, sincere and integrated methods of approaching through speech .  Venus (the Ruler of Libra and Taurus) the famous Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, emotional attachments, fertility and prosperity (Aphrodite in Greek Mythology), from July 5, 2017 (G.M.T.  0:13) until July 31, 2017  (G.M.T.  14:55), runs in the sign of  Gemini  [Air] .  This is a non-static and lively  placement that makes her prone to curiosity, talkativeness, over-motion and instability . Sensually detached, ready to fly all over the world like a bee from flower to flower, hunting new experiences, fresh ideas and emotionally-free love affairs . Heavy moods are not made for this kind of Venus and she prefers tricky games in love, because she always appreciates variety, changes, laugh and as she is very capable in verbal expression she can offer an enjoyable life, being constantly the center of companies, witty, well-informed and having in a great degree the sense of humor. When you fall in love when this Venus is in transit, I am sure you will feel fully enchanted and completely influenced because of her unique methods of being interesting, exciting, fascinating, spontaneous and a real lover of variety  . Venus at this position in Gemini favors also Libra and Aquarius .  Mars  (the Ruler of Aries) from July 20, 2017, (G.M.T.  12:21) until September 5, 2017 (G.M.T. 9:36) moves in the sign of  Leo  [Fire] . This is a placement that gives him tendencies for magnanimity, ambition, heroic deeds, strong will, sociability, enthousiasm, sexuality and leading abilities . A ready-to-fight planet in this position creates born leaders and this placement denotes the fiery side of the planet, that gives an extremely capable individual for activities where he will be the commander . With Mars in Leo, either natal in your chart or in transit, allow yourself to trust your extrovert traits and be a responsible-executive but a less-boastful person . Well, regarding the outer planets, Jupiter (the Ruler of Sagittarius) on 2016.09.09  (G.M.T.  11:19) entered  Libra  [Air], where he is going to stay until  2017.10.10 (G.M.T.  13:21) . Jupiter in Libra is a very favorable position for Libra, Aquarius, Gemini and Aries .  The planet from June 9, 2017 (G.M.T.  13:52)  moves in Direct  (D)  Motion.  Saturn (the Ruler of Capricorn) from September 18, 2015  (G.M.T.  2:48) until December 20, 2017 (G.M.T.  4:50) moves in the sign of  Sagittarius  [Fire], where he is going to affect the Mutable Cross Signs (Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo. Saturn regulates relationships, judges illegal activities, strengthens values, establishes dogmatism, restores discipline and administers integrity and justice . From April 06, 2017 (G.M.T.  3:25) the planet moves again in Retrograde ( Rx ) Motion. In periods when Saturn is Retrograde, inner awareness climbs on a higher level and is extremely able to realize, perceive and filter any kind of authority . As regards the Saturn-Uranus trine (both planets in fiery signs), it reveals the harmonic co-operation between Dogmatism and Revolution or between Discipline and Innovation in global level . Uranus (the Ruler of Aquarius) entered  Aries  [Fire] on March 12, 2011 (G.M.T.  0:54)  where he is going to stay until March 6, 2019 G.M.T.  8:36 (without any other retrograde motion into Aries again) . From December 29, 2016  (G.M.T.  8:36) and after a-five-month period, the planet took again its Prograde or Direct ( = D ) Motion .  We must always bear in mind that during its Retrograde Course  the planet has an abrupt and unpredictable role more effectively, influencing in an advanced, revolutionary, crude, furious, raging, rough and painful way the Cardinal Cross Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) . Aries (Fire) is a position very explosive for Uranus, as the Arian flame of aggression, hostility, irascibility and urge will put in motion his "unpredictable events producing machine" and nobody knows the results (either in global or in personal level) .  Neptune (the Ruler of Pisces) from 2012-02-03  G.M.T. 18:53 moves in  Pisces  [Water], that is the best placement of the twelve (this means that the planet at that position functions perfectly) . From 2017-06-16  (G.M.T.  5:54) the planet moves again in Retrograde   (Rx)  Motion . All we need from this celestial body is to spread new vibrations through the profound Piscean visions, that can enhance our mental approaches and give another dimension to our sense of meditation and introspection. As a psychic and spiritual planet it can produce and give blessed creativity and mostly incredible "know-how" to individuals when forming harmonic aspects in transit to their map of birth . We must always bear in mind that Neptune is the planet of confusion, delusion, illusion, ambiguity, transcendence, transformation, religion, hypnotism, magic, sensuality, aesthetics, romanticism, clairvoyance, psychism, receptivity, intuition, inspiration, mysticism, compassion and self-sacrifice . In certain periods, when the planet is in Retrograde Motion, we become more insightful, intuitive and receptive . Pluto (the Ruler of Scorpio) from 2017-04-20  (6:42 G.M.T) moves again in Retrograde = (Rx) Course  at 19°23' of  Capricorn  [Earth] . The motion of Pluto (especially the Retrograde one) signals our preparation to the Karmic Lessons and Universal Laws that lead to the unavoidable reconstruction of social status globally, enhances our inevitable inner purges, abyssal instincts, deep responses, profound reactions and buried conflicts . This planet who needs about 250 years to pass through the 12 signs, is the Master of Transformation through the Death-Rebirth (Destruction Of The Decayed And Obsolete & Creation Of The Brand New And Useful) Process . Everyone needs an inner and profound clean-up when Pluto is transiting Retrograde . Pluto is retrograde for about 160 days and is stationary about 15 days before and 15 days after its retrogradation .
For our new visitors of this website, as an introduction to the new astrological week I give you a brief but clear and specific explanation of how a weekly forecast can be simply obtained . Well, that is how the Sun (along with the Moon) and the inner planets move daily :
Sun : (Mean Daily Motion) = 1° approx.,   Moon : (Mean Daily Motion) = 13° approx.,  Mercury : (Mean Daily Motion) = 1° approx.,  Venus : (Mean Daily Motion) = 1° approx.,  Mars :   (Mean Daily Motion) =  0°32' approx. .
As you understand, it 's very unusual to have different aspects and new interpretations (and predictions) every week .
Useful notes :
decan = 10-day-period, each astrological month is divided into 3 decans  (1st, 2nd and 3rd)
Rx = Retrograde course of the planet (apparent) .
D  =  Direct (or Prograde) course of the planet .

The Solar Return occurs always on your birthday, when the Sun comes back to his natal position (at the same degrees) . A Solar Return chart is calculated for a year (from birthday to birthday) and in relation with your Natal Chart they show if the oncoming year generates tendencies that can influence you . All you have got to know and remember is that astrology, apart from the mastery to analyze perfectly a personal map of birth and define an individual's profile, makes or dares predictions out of trends, tendencies, liabilities or inclinations .

      Special Notes  :
1.   The "Personal Reports"  page is available for you in
Choose a Category  column .
2.   The positions of the planets in the signs are
in Pacific Time (3:00 p.m.) .
      If it differs it is mentioned .

3.   For somebody who manages Astrology, it is easy to
      understand that when you analyze a sign, the first
      planet you should  examine is the Sun, as it is the
significant heavenly body .


( 5 + )   Leo *   (07/22 - 08/22)

The Sun, center of our Solar System, entered your sign on July 22, 2017 (15:16  G.M.T.) and will stay until August 22, 2017 (22:21  G.M.T.)   [where G.M.T.= Greenwich Mean Time]  giving light, radiance, joy, health, vigor, vividness, positive energy, positive thinking, cheerfulness, spirit, enhanced abilities, opportunities, achievements and accomplishments, especially to the Cancerians with a good house position and good aspects of their Sun in their Natal Chart . Mercury in Virgo, in your 2nd house, emphasizes romance subjects, financial activities and a particular period of truth-seeking and free-thinking . Venus in Gemini, in your 11th house will delay things in matters that have to do with your aims, targets, ambitions, fulfillment, higher or lower pursuits, intentions, desires, aspirations, goals, purposes, friends, clubs, associations, corporations, unions, idealism and free thinking . Mars in Leo, in your 1st house, is your rival and armor at the same time. He makes you aggressive and simultaneously gives you powerful tools to stand up and fight for victory . Jupiter in Libra, in your 3rd house makes you optimistic, thoughtful, ordinary, typical and assured . You have strong intuition. This position of Jupiter expands and broadens your mind empowering you to comprehend easily . Good relations with siblings, neighbors and relatives. There may be mental restlessness and a tendency to scatter your energy . There is a tendency to be unattainable or self-satisfied. Saturn Sagittarius transits your 5th house and problems may occur in cases related to your kids for any simple or complicated reason. Your creative abilities may also be under restrained influence, due to fatigue or bad mood along with self-blocking and lack of spontaneity escorted by nuances of agoraphobia . Uranus in Aries, in your 9th house makes things enough hard and complicated in a domain (like the upper mind's domain) that has to be untouchable, as he generates anxiety, fears, intense feelings, nerves, reckless courage and fighting spirit, overwhelming action ability, dangerous initiative and exaggerating mental energy . The 9th house is not a good placement for Uranus (according to traditional astrology), as  he strains the mind, absorbs the mental energy without a particular reason and exhausts the individual with tumultuous events, useless fatigue and waste of energy . The truth is that it would be an intense week, so you have to focus on the essential issues . In matters that have to do with your 3rd house affairs (relatives, brothers, sisters, cousins, traffic and motion in general, communication of any kind, short journeys etc) be relaxed, as I mentioned before .  02, 03  good days for your pleasure .

( 6 - )   Virgo **   (08/23 - 09/22)

The Sun in Leo in your 12th house  intensifies subconscious subjects and themes that have their origin in prisons, mental hospitals, homes for the aged and this kind of institutions, in general . This week you will also feel that this Sun struggles to reinforce your secret beliefs, your subconscious activities, but it is going to be enough effortful and burdensome . Mercury in Virgo, in your 1st house, will boost your tendency to become more free-thinking, self-promoting, feeling to expose your icon to public, expressive and communicative in a wide range . Venus in Gemini, in your 10th house may create some very useful corridors that lead to your career's ambitious platform. Mars in Leo, in your 12th house, denotes how significant is for your mental health and for your subconscious world his presence in there . It is considered to be one of the worst positions of Mars (with the one in the 8th house, as well) . It uses to dig up stories forgotten from the past and in order to feed the individual with undesirable memories . Jupiter in Libra transits your 2nd house, where he protects your financial and romantic acquisitions . Money seems to come to you and you have confidence and belief in your talents and abilities. Your visionary ideas and investments give good results. Your materialistic mania will be increased now and some may feel jealous with you. This transit of Saturn Sagittarius in your 4th house (house of Cancer and the Moon) has to do with your ancestors, your roots, your base, your keystone. It is time for you, during these three years to find out and realize where you come from, who you are, where you head and it would be expanded like an identity crisis. You do that on account of deep oriented causes, the main reason is that Sagittarius guided by Saturn (or the opposite) directs all these psychic divings for exploration . The 4th house is also our home, our family, our protection and ease. Now you find yourself in need of reshaping and regenerating your home life and you feel especially responsible for that . Anyway, it is time for you to grow up and rebuild your emotional sources . At the end of this transit you will feel enough free of maternal or paternal hints and their unbearable domination . The presence of Uranus in your 8th house influences negatively your creation but through the money of others (donations, inheritances etc). In a few words, your creation abilities will be unstable and inefficient .  Surely you need   28, 29  as they are good days for amusement .

(  7 + )   Libra ***    (09/23 - 10/22)

The Sun in Leo, in your 11th house has to do with your aims, targets, ambitions, fulfillment, higher or lower pursuits, intentions, desires, aspirations, goals, purposes, friends, clubs, associations, corporations, unions, idealism and free thinking . Mercury in Virgo, in your 12th house, will make you prone to subconscious matters this week . Since he began moving in this sign, he managed to make you feel that your secret desires are waiting for you again in there . Venus in Gemini, in your 9th house will announce some gladsome (though delayed) news from abroad, data that have to do with foreign people, even news regarding higher education or law announcements . I am sure that Mars in Leo, in your 11th house, synchronizes friendships and mates and discards unusual situations . Bear in mind that the 11th house has to do with your aims, targets, ambitions, fulfillment, higher or lower pursuits, intentions, desires, aspirations, goals, purposes, friends, clubs, associations, corporations, unions, completion and free thinking . With Jupiter in Libra, in your 1st house, things are becoming really better for you and the others are considerably  and greatly impressed by you . He will expand your expectations and he will fulfill your desires for recognition. So now, it is the right time to promote your public icon, to increase your flexibility and to let your adaptability be your master power . Regarding Saturn, this period (with Saturn Sagittarius transiting your 3rd house, the house of Gemini and Mercury) looks like you are absolutely thirsty in front of a well of water and you unfortunately have no bucket . All of your queries, demands and questions meet no answers and your seeds of intuition have been parched. Your relatives turn their back on you and you are not even able to guess why and how. Your everyday life looks weird and your daily routine seems demanding and tiring . The solution is given by Saturn who, fortunately and evidently clears up all things that have to do with the 3rd house . Now you will find out who your acquaintances really are. You will distinguish the use of familiar talking and of serious conversation. Through this transit you may feel inadequate with your intellect or you may find inefficient some of the people you meet everyday. At least you will be more logical and responsible, as things go slowly but steadily . Now with Uranus in Aries, in your 7th house, (your mate, partner or co-operator domain) you feel things rather sharp, hard, unpredictable, aggressive and full of obligations that have to be operated . As I  have said many times in the past, at home things are weird for a long time now and they are getting complicated again, as the immovable presence of Pluto generates a sense of cold logic in matters of respect, rebirth of rotten relationships and development of understanding . Generally, during this week, keep quiet as much as you can and try to donate all your love and affection to your kids and their environment . Now it's time for you to get involved in your sexual affairs, your creativity, gambling and pleasures of life .  30, 31  would be fine for having a good time this astrological week .

( 8 - )   Scorpio ****   (10/23 - 11/22)
The Sun in Leo, in your 10th house, will give a month of forceful career matters, status development, social communication with appropriate persons, a serious interest for your public icon and the luxury of producing your own self-promotion . Mercury in Virgo, in your 11th house, will give you the essential supplies you need to be ready, especially in aims, targets, ambitions, pursuits, intentions, desires, aspirations, goals, purposes, friends, clubs, associations, corporations, unions, members of a political party, idealism, free thinking, common results, the higher or lower pursuits of an individual, in a house that describes exactly the person's ability to feel and act free . Venus in Gemini, in your 8th house will let you have profound, hidden but good news from inheritances, donations or legacies (perhaps with a slow proceeding) . The placement of Mars in Leo in your 10th house signifies a sensitive period, as regards the rapid and unavoidable and agreeable changes that will occur in relation to your social status and career evolution . So, all you have to do is to shield your career . Conceal your intentions and desires, trying to be more secretive . With Jupiter in Libra, in your 12th house your philanthropic feelings are getting much stronger and you feel protected by the God . You care for hospitals, penitentiaries and jails more than ever . Saturn Sagittarius transits your 2nd house, the house of possessions, material security and abundance, the house of Taurus and Venus. We all know that Saturn himself symbolizes the opposite of prosperity and plenitude, so as a wise controller and as a reasonable disciplinarian he will take a good care leading you to the core of reconsideration for materialistic matters, respect for finances and avoidance of money addiction. It is time for you now to increase your productivity and discover your talents. Any love affair during this period will be serious, honest, deliberate  and with an older person . Uranus moves in your 6th house, so health, labor, subordinates, servants, pets, our diseases (the short ones), how we behave to our body, physical condition, endurance to work or kind of work may upset you .  At the same time Neptune on its course in Pisces, in your 5th house, will make you have creativity problems or issues with your sexual life or deceit tendencies that have to do with your kids, in general .  At your work things are getting tough enough, as Uranus is again in square to Pluto. This week will be subconsciously aggressive, hard and scandalous in subjects related to upper mind, foreign lands, languages and affairs . When you drive remember to avoid any kind of excess. Try to be cool . Choose some good friends or mates, try the following days and enjoy the nights .  02, 03  are excellent for that .

( 9 + )   Sagittarius *   (11/22 - 12/21)

The Sun in Leo, in your 9th house trine to your Sun, will give a month full of interesting foreign matters, mind development, communication with foreign lands, foreign languages, foreign people, law, justice, superior education, religion, morality, remote travels, publications or tuition .  The placement of Mercury (the master of communication) in Virgo, in your 10th house, is very favorable for subjects that have to do with your career evolution, your icon to society, your social status etc. Venus in Gemini, in your 7th house, will give a good boost to your relations with the opposite sex this week and she will help you to construct a schedule of mate tactics, partnership methods and a good program of profound solutions with co-operators . As regards Mars, his placement in Leo in your 9th house signals a sensitive period, as regards the upper parts of your intellect and perception.  With Jupiter in Libra, in your 11th house, you mix yourself up with a lot of friends who are ready to be sacrificed for you, and you for them. Your inclination to social life is evident and you become popular, with trusty friends. Now you become also capable to organize large activities with groups and foundations. Saturn in Sagittarius runs your first house (the house of Aries and Mars), which is one of the worst, most painful and really depressive transit for you . Saturn now teaches you how to go on living by yourself, in a condensed, intense, autonomous, unshared, independent, self-governing and self-sufficient way . He wants the maturity of your first wrinkles to be translated as integrity, self-acceptance, realism, self-appraisal and self-sourced support. Your Ascendant is your mask, your screen, your curtain through you look at people and the others look at you . It is your bodyguard against usual daily issues and problems . Saturn now, as a modifier of your personality,  gives you the instructions how to respect people. Before that transit you were as silent as a tomb. Now you become wiser, sociable and communicative in a serious, friendly and healthier way . Don't bother if you feel a kinf of personal inefficiency, isolation, self-doubting or insecurity. During some parts of this period you will have increased responsibilities and you may have not the capabilities or the essential experience. Evidently, maturity, knowledge and satisfaction  will come as the achieved award . From 2011-03-12 by the entrance of Uranus in Aries in your 5th house, the domain of creativity and development (along with your kids subjects), would be particularly advanced. Here I have to say that either you are married or not, at home things take a peculiar direction, as abundance of any kind is followed by abrupt and painful changes. Think that you must relax a little bit with your endless desire for traveling, as you have to keep an eye on your future . I can surely say that you are able to generate new stuff and ideas during the week and you feel capable enough to do so. Try to get activated and then be concentrated on your productive abilities.  28, 29  are going to be very special nights for you .

( 10 - )   Capricorn **   (12/22 - 01/21)

The Sun in Leo transits your 8th house, one of our most crucial houses (a hidden house), which counter to the 2nd, shows material or sentimental possessions coming from others, as donations, inheritances, legacies, stocks, and also loss or profit from pronounced judgments . Deep feelings, soulful libido, endless passion and love for reproduction against death, can be traced in this house . The entrance of Mercury in Virgo, in your 9th house, will give many helpful solutions regarding communication with foreign lands, foreign languages and foreign people. and will help subjects that have to do with law, justice, superior education, religion, morality, remote travels, publications, tuition, politics and idealism. Venus in Gemini in your 6th house will delay the harmony you expect from your labor and everyday life domain . Nevertheless, attached, devoted and amicable work surroundings help your everyday activities .  Mars moves in Leo in your 8th house, causing effective and aggressive results in matters that have to do with your material or sentimental possessions coming from others, as donations, inheritances, legacies, stocks, and also loss or profit from pronounced judgments . With Jupiter in Libra, in your 10th house, you meet considerable opportunities, efficient to help you remarkably in your career domain . Expansion as well as success are possible for you and good results will arise for your social life, public icon and for your image as a whole . You look more self-confident and your vision is obvious. Saturn Sagittarius, the old devil, from 2014-12-23 (16:34 G.M.T.) transits your 12th house. The 12th house can be described for everyone as a hidden, non-materialistic, metaphysical and Karmic house . In this area are gathered all of our out-of-view enemies . Limitations, restrictions, restraints, trouble, sorrow, grief, anxiety, self-undoing, misfortune, imprisonment and  sufferings can take place . Well, my dear Capricornians with Saturn transiting your 12th house you have augmented worries and fears that can turn into phobias . You must be very careful, patient and self-aware, as Saturn is the bearer of all evils in this house. So, be ready for sacrifices, open your heart to isolation and loneliness and try to help the incapable of life. If you achieve all that, this transit will leave you with the most satisfactory feelings. The presence of Uranus in your 4th house produces some unexpected from time to time and rather crude situations . These problematic circumstances could have been your relations with the members of your family, the needs, the essentials and the safety of the house and of course great rearrangements, including quarreling, that somehow were taking place . Try to manage the Pluto placement in your 1st house with all your strength, because it is a trap for your nerves, your personality, your health and your public icon . After having all these in mind you surely need to go out and have a drink .  30, 31  would be the best .

( 11 + )   Aquarius ***   (01/20 - 02/18)
The Sun in Leo in your 7th house (that moreover is one of our most significant houses along with 1, 4, 10 houses) will spread plenty of light to co-operation, mate, comradeship, partnership and visible enemies subjects . Mercury in Virgo, in your 8th house, will help you to arrange your cases and find dynamic solutions for your own benefit . With Mercury at this position, you are also about to develop your property and take a good care about how able you are to receive a legacy . The placement of Venus in Gemini (in your 5th house) has to do with kids, delightful intercourse, creative procedures etc. Mars in Leo in your 7th house, may present combative events or daily enervation with cooperators, mate, comrades and partners, by producing a climate of anxiety and worry . I want to believe that he urges you to manage partnership targets this week .  With Jupiter in Libra, in your 9th house, you tend to be encouraged, advanced, benevolent, thoughtful and sometimes dogmatic . You may turn into a prophetic human being, with strong intuition, good judgment and vivid dreams . And it doesn't stop here . Religion, philosophies, law, travels and dealings with foreigners may become your next concerns. The time when Saturn Sagittarius transits your 11th house, you might feel some detestation and disdain for superficial goals and casual or random friendships . Now your wishes and hopes are getting more serious and definite and you feel uncomfortable for anything wrong in personal or social level . Here in the 11th house via the scrutiny of Saturn you realize the revolutionary (Uranus = ruler of the 11th house) power of the group . So, by the time the transit is over and through all these Saturnian processes you will be absolutely ready for your metaphysical and Karmic transformation (which takes place in the 12th house, the house of psychic metabolism) . Uranus in Aries, in your 3rd house, shows an intense state of mind, aggression, inevitable reactions and blended feelings. Subconsciously be prepared for a long period, as the slow-moving  king of Hades will deaden rotten things, will devitalize decayed and decomposed situations and will give a rebirth . Be on the alert for clear situations, sharp truth and trustworthy people . Uranus entered Aries on 2011-03-12 and he will be transiting for about seven years in your 3rd house . You have plenty of time to observe real changes in your daily routine, relatives, motion (be particularly careful), communication and short journeys area . Subconsciously be prepared for a long period, as the slow-moving  Pluto will deaden rotten things, will devitalize decayed and decomposed situations and will give a rebirth . Be on the alert for clear situations and trustworthy people. Concerning your nights of amusement   28, 29  will be very good .

( 12 - )   Pisces ****   (02/19 - 03/20)
The Sun in Leo, in your 6th house, urges you to make great efforts in your labor domain and find dynamic solutions for your work . Your health issues also are now on a good path to be relieved . Mercury runs in Virgo in your 7th house and you are favored in co-operations, partnerships, sentimental relations, mates, marriage, divorce and visible enemies . Venus in Gemini in your 4th house will generate bad and good results in matters that have to do with your home and your family . Mars moves in Leo, in your 6th house, so you could be more effective in your labor domain, with an augmented disposition and increased tendency for labor matters, endurance to work and health subjects, in general .With Jupiter in Libra, in your 8th House, you are idealistic and you have faith in others. There may be financial gain through marriage, partnerships or inheritances. With Jupiter at this position it's about time to feel your psychic abilities and your uplifting and healing talent . Saturn in Sagittarius runs your 10th house (which is his physical house) and Sagittarius is a very intellectual sign . Perhaps it is time for you now to become an educator, a healer, a parent or a writer, or why not an authority! Your public icon is promoted significantly now . With Pluto in Capricorn in your 11th house, you will be able (after a laborious period) to perceive in depth your real potential and with modesty and powerful spirit you will be well self-protected and able to overcome your personal weaknesses, realize your soul powers and perhaps having a good profit from donations or legacies . Anyway, until that wonderful moment take it easy and try to satisfy your thirsty throat this week .  30, 31   will be ideal .

( 1 + )   Aries *   (03/20 - 04/20)
The Sun in Leo, in your 5th house, will offer you important and meaningful opportunities that will help you in matters that have to do with your children, sex for pleasure (your body is ablaze with this thought), creation, amusement, pleasant things of life, hobbies, gambling, profiteering, delights, feelings, satisfaction and love passion .  Mercury in Virgo, in your 6th house, will signalize a particularly stable period, regarding your work affairs with the attached issues and it can be enough serious in relation to conversations and results . The location of Venus in Gemini, in your 3rd house will enlarge and enhance daily routine, motion, short journeys and relatives affairs, coloring your everyday life with anxiety nuances  . This period, that Mars moves through the sign of Leo (in your 5th house) you will meet significant, vivid and considerable opportunities for creation, augmented sexuality and children cases and affairs . Now concerning your 7th house, relations with mates, ex-mates, future mates, old affairs, present affairs etc, they will be significant items on your weekly agenda, as Jupiter in Libra plays a very beneficial role in this very important for you domain . Saturn Sagittarius transits your 9th house, so you face the same problems, as for a long time now, that have to do with travels abroad, tired upper mind, law issues and possible legal proceedings . He is the master of self-awareness and strong will, the contractor of your initiative and dynamism . He wants to make you fearless and faultless, to teach you restriction and limitation,  in order to prepare you to face the hard side of life (To my mind his motto is ''only the tough survives'') .  With Uranus in your sign (and in your 1st house) erase the words haste, rush, carelessness, foolhardiness, hustle etc from your vocabulary for enough months and try not to go on being headlong, furious, boisterous, impetuous, hotheaded or fussy . Now if you want to get out and have a good time   02, 03  nights will be good .

( 2 - )   Taurus **   (04/19 - 05/20)

The Sun in Leo in your 4th house, will offer you important and meaningful opportunities that will help you in matters that have to do with your origin, fatherly home, childhood, personality formation, parents, family bonds, real estate,  buildings, metaphysical pursuits, old age and end of life . The motion of Mercury in Virgo, in your 5th house, delays important and meaningful matters that have to do with your children, sex for pleasure creation, amusement and pleasant things of life . The location of Venus in Gemini, in your 2nd house, emphasizes financial and romantic affairs . As Mars moves through the sign of Leo in your 4th house, you have to be extremely careful regarding home subjects and family affairs, as Mars is at a very painful position in this house . With Jupiter in Libra, in your 6th house you are prone to good health and your body responds under normal conditions . Your only health problems are usually caused by exuberant consumption of delicious food and tasty liquids . You seem to enjoy your work, you do a very good job as a dependable worker and you inspire your fellow workers as a loyal cooperator. Saturn Sagittarius transits your 8th house, where your psyche has her double-locked dark dungeons along with her silent and atrocious chambers . This is the house of death and rebirth, financial issues, demands, legacies, inheritances and of whatever has to do with big money. Saturn, as a distinguished judge, may have something valuable to give you out of this house . As you fully realize, the keywords are self-awareness, patience and work on your soul upgrade . I can assure you that your sexual life also takes the form you prefer . Uranus in Aries is in transit in your 12th house and he has started a scheduled scan to this metaphysical area and urges you to sudden and abrupt subconscious changes. So you become more kinetic, something you do need as a motive for your evolution . Concerning Pluto in your 9th, he will play a meaningful role to your noetic rebirth . As regards your nights of amusement   30, 31  will be nice .

( 3 + )   Gemini ***   (05/21 - 06/21)

The Sun in Leo in your 3rd house will offer you significant and important everyday life opportunities, favor to short trips, satisfactory communication with your relatives and successful public relations . Good results in lower education are also achievable . Mercury in Virgo, in your 4th house, emphasizes subjects that have to do with your home and the members of your family . Venus in Gemini in your 1st house will offer you the supplies you need, in order to improve your public icon and promote your personality . You take more care about beauty and you spend money and time in order to be more attractive . Mars in Leo, in your 3rd house, will move daily routine, motion cases, relatives acceptances and fixing of short trips, as this is a quite comfortable position for Mars . Jupiter in Libra, in your 5th house, multiplies the possibilities to expand the physical side of your body and give more sensuality mixed with care and interest for your kids and  a good mood for creation activities . Romance, dating, teaching and a creative self-expression . Saturn Sagittarius (in your 7th house), opposite to your sign, keeps on pressing your personality and restrains your enthusiasm . Naturally, as Saturn is in your mate's or partner's area, you have to struggle continually there and you cannot enjoy the above mentioned . As a matter of fact you face difficulties, lack of understanding and heavy conditions, due to Saturn's testing, judging and reaping and digging up undesirable evidence. With Uranus in Aries, in your 11th house, you are about to see many of your friendships to collapse like castles in the sand or your plans and schedules unable to be activated and carried out.  O.K. no worries, relax now,  go out and have a special drink .  28, 29  would be ideal for that.

( 4 - )   Cancer ****  (06/21 - 07/22)
The placement of the Sun in the sign of Leo, in your 2nd house will give a proper interest to your justified financial affairs and your harmonious love matters, in a way that reminds of the fair course of nature . Mercury moves in Virgo, in your 3rd house and emphasizes daily routine, everyday activities and motion, daily routine, a sensible nervous system, communication and some issues with relatives . Venus in Gemini in your 12th house is about to generate juxtapositions, quarreling, misunderstanding and may provide some hostile and painful results for you . Mars in Leo in your 2nd house, will show you how good you can be with your financial and erotic affairs, all of a sudden and out of the blue . Jupiter in your sign and in your 1st house, expands your expectations and fulfills your desires for recognition . With Jupiter in Libra, in your 4th house you tend to generosity, hospitability, self-confidence, patriotism, home return and numerous phone-calls to mother . Now you desire a spacious and comfortable home . Perhaps your parents visit you or you visit them more often now . You may receive wamer or/and unexpected help from them . Saturn Sagittarius in your 6th house tests your endurance in matters of health and everyday work . Don't risk whatever has to do with your stomach and try to abstain from exuberant habits . Your everyday work is also under a great pressure and this makes you overwhelmed with phobias . Your recent digestive problems will be cured as long as you stay calm and adopt rational daily habits and you follow a schedule of regular health examination . Simply try to protect yourself from colds, standing,  cramps and muscle pains. With Uranus in Aries, in your 10th house, your career take turns from worst to best and vice versa. Be very careful with all this stuff, as Uranus can change everything overnight . Regarding your mate and partners, Karmic things happen in this domain, as Pluto in your 7th house transforms everything rotten through the death-rebirth Plutonian process . The sure thing is that many of you will get a divorce (married) or separation (in a relationship or partnership) . Your recent digestive problems will be cured as long as you adopt rational daily habits and you follow a schedule of regular health examination . Avoid your inclination to excesses of any kind .  30, 31  would be ideal for some adventures .

  SIGNS  :

  *         =     Fiery
  **         =    Earthy
  ***         =    Airy
  ****         =     Watery 
                       +     =     Positive, Active, Masculine
-     =     Negative, Passive, Feminine     

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About SMichaels :

Stam Michaels is a man of High Integrity, Original Perspectives and Optimistic Prospects . He is well versed in Astrology, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for more than 30 years as a teacher, obtaining valuable experience and acquiring clear points of view and advanced ideas . He is a staunch supporter of Astrological Research and he is well-trained in Medical Astrology and Astro-Psychology, as during all these years through his experience, he has helped numerous individuals. We mustn't forget that his advice for physical and mental problems are specific, accurate, detailed, particular and effective . He can give you answers to any question for every section or part of your life. The good thing with SMichaels is that he is really good in natal chart or transits or progressive horoscope as well . He is a guaranteed tutor, a successful helper and a faithful friend .


























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